Friday, January 11, 2013

Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha undergoes plastic surgery?, Korean fashion,

A photo of Brown Eyed Girls Narsha undergoing plastic surgery has been uploaded online and attracted much attention. 

It turns out that the photo is from tvN s ‘SNL Korea  on which Brown Eyed Girls appeared and recorded a shocking music video that placed plastic surgery as the subject. 

The theme song is ‘Plastic Face as the tune of Lady Gaga s ‘Poker Face . The purpose of the music video is defending the desire of women who want to be more beautiful through plastic surgery. 

The song aims at those individuals that call women who get surgery as plastic monsters. The group also showed off their changes in Gangnam which is considered the plastic surgery mecca of Korea. Narsha is seen lying down on the bed pre-surgery and has lines drawn on her face. The fact that the members of the group have already admitted surgery is expected to draw more attention.

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