Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SECRET s Hyosung enjoys winter with a snowman, Photo model,

SECRET s Hyosung enjoyed a winter date with a snowman.

On December 5th, Hyosung posted on her Twitter, “The snow is pouring >_< The whole world is white~ *_* The snow says ‘Talk that talk that as it falls. The snowman looked lonely, so I shared my umbrella with him. He said he would make ‘Talk That a big hit in return for protecting him from the snow.”

In the attached photo, Hyosung is sharing her umbrella with the snowman and giving a chilly-smile at the camera. Beside her is a happy snowman, enjoying the winter date with the pretty SECRET s leader.

Meanwhile, SECRET returned with new single “Talk That”, a French electronic number written by Shinsadong Tiger.


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